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Since MAKEBIM is free for its readers, advertisement is the main resource for publishing it.

There are many reasons for the BIM and AEC members to consider when advertising on MAKEBIM:


1. The publication is going to be highly respected by the technical public, for it offers contents of high quality, with the aim of taking the technology industry forward.
2. The editor and founder of the website has importante credentials in the area, including a Ph.D. in Engineering focused on BIM Management, which was the first thesis about such subject in Brazil. This competence will offer deep critical analysis and necessary reviews for MAKEBIM.
3. It will be the first Brazilian publication that is focused exclusively on BIM technology in AEC’s market and on openBIM.
4. All ads will be based on a fixed monthly cost . Therefore, all the articles, which will have up to 3,000 words, will be published on one same page instead of running on various websites and artificially rising the numbers of printed pages.
5. The banners are fixed; they will not move around the page. There will be no ads “polluting” the parts with texts, thus not disturbing the reader.
6. There will be no e-commerce; MAKEBIM will not offer an online store.
7. MAKEBIM has an English version, making it capable of having international reach.
For more information on advertising on MAKEBIM, contact us at makebim@makebim.com