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BIM collaboration: Archicad + Solibri

  • Open BIM is a concept adopted by many software companies in order to have full collaboration. This post will exemplify a bidirectional integration between Solibri and Archicad that makes the project process easier and more collaborative and productive.


    An add-on integrates Solibri Model Checker and ArchiCAD directly. The building model is transferred from ArchiCAD to Solibri Model Checker with just one click. The exported models can be verified through various requirements in Solibri Model Checker. During the analysis, Solibri Model Checker attributes importance grades for all project problems that are found. These problems are directly transferred to ArchiCAD and solved there. The workflow becomes softer, easier and more productive.


    Through this add-on, ArchiCAD and Solibri are integrated in a bidirectional way, increasing the interoperability and quality control efficiency. In practice, the most efficient way to do this is by incorporating quality control in the workflow of the project process. This produces the best results. Solibri can easily verify the model. This guarantees quality and gives great feedback and knowledge to the professional, offering them an opportunity to learn. Therefore, Solibri is also a learning tool that helps companies develop their BIM competences. The BIM model is transferred from ArchiCAD to Solibri by one only command – “Export to SMC” – and there are no further steps or conversions.





    The verification rules of the Solibri model are grouped so that they can be used according to the analysis criteria. The image shows a BIM validation rule. This rule analyzes the model and determines its quality: can the model be considered a valid BIM model? What are the problems that were created in the project? During the analysis, Solibri automatically attributes importance grades for all the detected problems. Solibri has lots of rules that can be combined, for example, in analyses between the models of Structure and Installations.



    All the project problems are shown in Solibri with detailed information about it and are described by comments in default text. The image shows two walls with partial intersection. The problem was detected by the validation rule of Solibri’s BIM model. The BIM validation test is the first step to improve and produce high-quality models. The problematic elements can be automatically exported to ArchiCAD by Solibri’s “selection basket” tool.


    The project problems detected by Solibri are then transferred directly to ArchiCAD by the “Get Selection Basket From SMC” command. The selected items are transferred to ArchiCAD in order to make the problem correction easier.


    The problems can be easily solved by removing the additional walls with just one right click in ArchiCAD. This workflow is soft and productive.

    The BIM validation is just the first requirement that needs to be verified in order to guarantee the model’s quality. Solibri can verify BIM models for accessibility, escape routes, and also the company’s rules related to constructability. It can also check the model’s building codes.

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