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The relation between IFC and COBie

Meet the COBie format. It is the acronym for Construction Operations Building Information Exchange.

It is an Excel spreadsheet of all the assets that are kept and managed in a building. It’s just space and equipment.

Cobie and IFC

 Today, we are going to expand a bit more our COBie concepts, in order to better understand what a IFC file is and how a COBie file relates to it.

Basically, IFC is a file that has all the information about a building. We are seldom interested in managing all this information; we usually care more about the part that is directly related to our work.

We can see COBie as a subset of the necessary information for the management and operation of a building. This is called Model View Definition, which works like a filter that selects only the information we need. COBie is a Model View Definition (MVD) homologated by Building Smart.

In today’s video, the relation betwen a IFC file and a COBie file will be introduced. Don’t worry so much about the technical details; leave them for the specialists. Focus on what is the most importante part: how everything is related.


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