To conduct a quick model comparison in Solibri Model Checker (without customization), use the ruleset titled “Model Revisions Comparison.” Solibri Model Checker contains 3 version of this ruleset, one for Architectural, one for Structural, and one for MEP models.

To get started, a user must load two versions of the same IFC model, for example, the previous version first, and then the current version. Do so by loading the previous IFC, and then “Add File” from the File tab to load the current IFC concurrently with the first.

(Original aricle by por JD Sherryl – Solibri LLC)


Once both IFCs are loaded, go to the Checking tab. Here, a window will appear asking which ruleset to use for this check. Select “Model Revisions Comparison,” then select the “Check” button to run the comparison.


The results of this check are broken into two categories: Components and Spaces. If there have been changes to the Components in a model, those changes will be listed under the Components rule. If spaces have been changed, they will be under the Spaces rule.


Select the Component Comparison rule, and the Results window will display Added, Removed, and Modified components.


These results are displayed in real-time in the 3D window/model, and can be reviewed and then saved as a presentation.

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