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Coordenar is a BIM consulting firm specialized in BIM implementation of technology, strategy and its processes.
Our BIM implementation is customized according to the client activity type: Designer, Contractor or Building owner, company size, existing experience in BIM, budget, goals and timelines available. In this way, each company has a differentiated service and fitted to your needs.

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BIM implementation

The introduction of BIM- Building Information Modeling – comes a profound reorganization in the construction sector throughout the world. The BIM is deployed through a set of applications that fit together in “technological platforms”, composed of interoperable applications from the same or from different vendors. These platforms define the new technology of design process and operation management, being varied according to the stage of the life cycle of the work and the different specialties involved, keeping, however, the integrity and consistency of information and the interoperability of these different systems throughout this life cycle.
The focus on integrity and consistency of information, shows that BIM brings new communication and working processes between the different actors of the project and other stakeholders in the the building lifecycle, leading to reorganization of phases, agents and products in the project. As a result, the designer or manager requires a new set of knowledge and skills.

Our Methodology

We’ve developed a methodology for a professional BIM implementation, not restricted only to the deployment of a software package. Our methodology consists of steps that are illustrated and described below.


1) Diagnosis and Planning


To convert investments in added value to BIM improvement performance, the first step begins with a Organizational Diagnosis, followed by a BIM implementation Planning.
Organizational Diagnosis is an effective way to look for an organization to determine gaps between current and desired performance and to define future targets, identify the gaps training and to build strategies to cover these gaps. The results obtained in the diagnosis are presented to the client in a specific meeting. The objective of this meeting is to consolidate the knowledge of the BIM company maturity degree , understand the BIM points requiring improvements and establish the actions plan for the adjustments and improvements required.
Planning derives from the Diagnosis and consists in establishing clear BIM objectives to be achieved, a budget for implementation costs , a schedule of work and your progress evaluation metrics

2) Conceptual education in BIM: concepts needed for new working processes


The BIM education consists of a series of seminars designed to provide the conceptual education for the basic concepts necessary for the correct understanding of the processes and BIM concepts. The client is also prepared to understand and develop the skills sets in BIM needed in the areas of Technology, Processes and Policies.

3) Training and customization of the modeling software

The training in modeling tool is practical. Are sessions of 2 hours each. Through our website the student during the course will have free access to videos that play the content given in class. The review of the content is always possible in a practical way and didactics.
In addition, we produce as needed, the object libraries and templates necessary to start the projects immediately.

4) Solibri Model Checker software training, to quality control of the models

We adopted Solibri Model Checker as the software to models quality analysis. Solibri is the best software in the world in the category, as well as allow the identification of collisions, enables the extraction of quantitative and qualitative information and analysis of the projects in relation to the rules defined by code checking or customized by the user.
Training in quality control tool is practical. Are sessions of 2 hours each. Through our website the student during the course will have free access to videos that play the content given in class. The review of the content is always possible in a practical way and didactics.

 5) Design of new BIM working process


Creating a Building Information Model is a social, collective and interactive process. The building modeling will require technical skills related to specific knowledge of the specialty involved and the knowledge and skills necessary for BIM modeling production. The main aspect to be worked during BIM deployment are the changes of conventional processes for the new processes required by BIM. Software technology is understood more easily. The five major aspects that need to be addressed in this phase are:

  1. Identify existing processes;
  2. Do the critical analysis of the process revisions to be made;
  3. Redraw the new processes;
  4. Definition of exchange patterns, workflow and interoperability;
  5. Deploy and test the new processes. With the results return to previous stages and make adjustments until the processes fit the new reality.

6) Pilot project : ‘hands-on training’


The main objective of the pilot project is to provide ‘hands-on training on task’ guiding the action in practical situations for the BIM team. In addition to issues relating to the use of modelling software,  quality aspects are discussed , the level of development of the model and situations of collaborative work are experienced .

7) Collaborative work with bimsync platform


During the deployment period the customer will have free access to oncloud platform- bimsync -for project management , tasks control and model viewer mode in real time. With the use of this platform the collaborative work process will be training.

8) Knowledge management: BIM Guide’s company


All the knowledge and experience that have been acquired during the consultancy stage, will be systematized through the elaboration of BIM Manual of the company. One of the important points that will appear in the manual will be the definition of contracts for service providers or for the sale of BIM services, depending on the case.

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