bimsync® makes it easy to collaborate between all stakeholders in construction projects with an easy to use interface, powerful visualisations, issue management and secure digital data management. Projects becomes easier to run – you reduce risk, increase value and build better together. bimsync® by Catenda, the next generation cloud based platform where construction information comes alive.

Our promise

We believe in openness as a way of working with our products, clients and for the tools and formats we are using for our daily work. When you work with us or use our products you shall feel confident that your data is safe and stored 100% according to open standards. We don’t believe in vendor lock-in. Your data is your’s and you choose to stay with us because you believe we offer the best solution. If you change your mind you can take all of your data to any other buildingSMART compliant competitor.
That’s our promise!


What is bimsync?

bimsync is a BIM model server that works on the web. You can view, validate, enrich and analyze your BIM projects in your browser.

Connect with your partners and external sources of information. bimsync requires no plugins and any software on your machine, it works directly in your browser.



bimsync allows safe storage and easy to distribute and open BIM files in a cloud service. You have complete control of revisions and intuitive 3D viewing in your browser. There is no need to install any software.




bimsync makes automatic fusion of BIM domain models . This gives a powerful visual communication design in all areas and improve quality assurance. Everyone can access any domain model at any time.



abertoWe are 100% committed to the international IFC standards. This means that you can extract all data at any time. The bimsync exists to add value for the customer and not to imprison it.





Visualize your BIM model

Organize your project into any number of sub-models. Upload the files in IFC and view them separately in sets. Share any view of your model simply by sending your URL.

Model always updated

Keep track of revisions, imports and exports in an intuitive interface.

Share your files quickly and securely

Do exports to you or share it with the design team. All files are sent encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption.

Colaborative design

bimsync imports the problems detected through the bcf format (which can be generated from the Revit, Archicad, Navisworks, Solibri). These problems are stored directly in the model allowing objects with a mouse-click find the object that has problems. The thumbnail problem is stored and you can add comments with the team in the form of a blog. This allows the simultaneous collaboration in the project. There are no more emails disconnected between the team, because everyone can see at the same time occurrences of the project.



In addition to having access to your model from any computer, you can also have access from your tablet.


Control Panel: overview of the progress of the project

Follow what’s happening in your project in the control panel. See the progress on any computer, tablet or phone.




Automatic notifications

All changes and issues alerts are sent to your e-mail whenever they occur.


Software as a Service

bimsync works in the SAS model (software as a service), that is, you do not need to purchase expensive licenses and pay annual subscription fees. You pay only for monthly periods used. You can only sign once you find necessary.

Integrate bimsync with other systems

bimsync has its open API which allows the software developer to integrate parts of the bimsync in your workflow.

Request a trial

COORDENAR is the company responsible for the launch and sales in Brazil and contributes to the translationof the software in conjunction with the Catenda company of Norway, which is the developer of the product.

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