Catenda is proud to have been part of the Duraark project, an exiting and highly relevant project that gave us much insight and knowledge about the problems and solutions related to long term storage of BIM and Point Cloud data. Problems and solutions that are directly relevant for the development of the bimsync platform. The Duraark project started in 2013 and was finalized in 2016.

Important tasks in the Duraark project were:

  • To find solutions for Long Time Digital Archiving (LTDA) of Architectural data
  • To enable automatic creation of IFC models from laser scans
  • To identify architectural details like power sockets from a combination of laser scans and automatically stitched photos
  • To semantically enrich BIM data so that both the original content and its context is retrievable and understandable in the future
  • To create a prototype system demonstrating the above functionality, with API integration with bimsync


Outside Euroforum in Luxembourg 2016, waiting for the final EU-review verdict for Duraark

The final EU-review was on the 10th of March 2016 at the Euroforum in Luxembourg City. The verdict from the EU-reviewers that was given to Duraark was “Excellent”, which we understand is the best possible verdict, and not frequently given.

Catenda want to thank our project colleagues that made Duraark such a successful project!

For more information about Duraark follow this link.

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